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    PD-2 Unmanned Aerial System is ready to fly solution fixed-wing UAV, EO/IR camera system, data links and ground control station. PD-2 UAV can stay in the air for up to 8 hours with 11 kg payload and well-suited for surveillance, aerial photography, agriculture, search and rescue and public safety applications.




    • PD-2 UAS is ITAR free, easy to export

      Historically Ukraine faced issues while importing
      UAS. That was the reason why UKRSPECSYSTEMS
      was founded – it was way easier to manufacture
      UAS, than to import it. We understand that export/
      import procedures may be rough and time-consuming
      so we designed PD-2 UAS to be ITAR free.
      Components do not require any additional permission
      to export to third-party countries. The whole

    • Short supply time

      Time – is the most valuable asset. That’s the reason
      we’ve put a lot of effort to decrease production and
      supply time. We’re ready to ship our unmanned
      aerial systems within 60 days from our factory in

    • Advanced payloads

      PD-2 UAV can carry wide range of different payloads. Standard equipment includes USG-212 EO/IR gimbal or USG-211 EO gimbal. Both camera gimbals features 30x optical zoom, digital video stabilization and target tracking. Furthermore, there is still enough space in payload area to carry secondary payload such as high resolution photo camera,  LiDAR, SAR radar, radio repeater, etc.

    • Advanced propulsion system

      PD-2 UAV engine unit is a successor of the engine unit used in combat proven solution PD-1 UAV.

      Historically, it was created to operate in harsh environments, be trouble-free and reliable aggregate. That’s why its basis is an easy-to-use and maintain gas engine, that may be fueled by the mixture of A-95 gas with oil.

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