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Freespace Operations Callisto
Freespace Operations - Callisto



UAV Solutions



Drone Inspections WA are proud to offer High quality UAV, drone and gimbal products from leading UAV developers from around the globe, as well right here in Australia.

They  produce fixed-wing and multi-rotor drones which are one of the most feature rich, flight-robust and cost-efficient on the market!

Drones made by Freespace Operations and UKrspecsystems are used for heavy lift capabilities, field reconnaissance, air surveillance during emergencies and natural disasters, aerial inspecting… and much. Additionally, they have developed side features and add-ons. Clients include The Royal Australian Navy, Defense Science & Technology Group as well as the Ukrainian Military.

The UKRSpecsytems all back by ISO9001 so rest assure you are getting most valuable solutions and services on the market. 

Make the change today!

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