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CASA ReOC Issued

Drone Inspections WA has successfully completed all requirements to obtain the CASA commercially approved certificate otherwise known as the ReOC Remote Operators Certificate.

Once you have gained your RePL, (Remote Pilots License) may operate commercially with a ReOC certificate.

CASA will issue the certificate upon successful completion of the assessment process.

Previously, CASA authorised UAV operator’s certificates in the RPA categories of multi-rotor, fixed wing and helicopter types across four different weights: < 2 kg, <7 kg, <20 kg and <150 kg. From 29 September 2016, CASA is authorising RPA operator’s certificates (ReOC) in the following weight categories:

  • very small (100g - <2kg)

  • small (2 - <25kg) (where required with 7kg restriction)

  • medium (25 - <150kg)

Gaining a ReOC allows Drone Inspections WA to obtain approval from CASA to operate commercially, fly at night, to fly in restricted airspace and have other RPA operators flying under the DIWA ReOC.

  • large (>150kg).

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