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DIWA And Drone Harmony Enter Strategic Partnership

Drone Harmony


DIWA and Drone Harmony enter strategic partnership to integrate drones safely in to Australian skies DIWA and Drone Harmony have entered a strategic partnership that lays the foundation for a future whereby DJI UAV’s produce automated inspections safely in the Australian workplace. Planning and flying is all about getting high quality data quickly and consistently.

Drone Harmony are a Zurich based UAV flight planning company. DH provide a highly tailored suite of automated professional flight planning tools for a full 3D work environment. This tool allows the DIWA pilots to visualize and adjust flight plans in an interactive 3D interface. Generated flight plans are optimised for the scene and include obstacle avoidance. This bespoke suite of tools allows DIWA to get the data faster, safer and in a highly repeatable manner to the client for post processing and analysing.

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