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Strategic Partnership

Drone Inspections WA and Aviassist have entered a strategic partnership that lays the foundation for future drone/UAV pilots whereby we can now offer approved CASA certified commercial training utilizing multi rotor,fixed wing and helicopter remotely pilot aircraft systems (RPAS) to Western Australia.

Aviassist began its journey as an experience base of professional pilots, providing flight crew for Aeromedical, Aerial Survey and Corporate Charter.

Sharing there knowledge with the next generation of commercial pilots, aviation training was incorporated, providing real world experience to aspiring flight crew.

Since Aviassist was founded, remotely piloted aircraft technology and associated applications have begun to rapidly evolve, making these new aircraft financially viable for a large range of commercial applications.

Aviassist has evolved into a company embracing remotely piloted aircraft and has pioneered custom drone training solutions for commercial drone operations.

The company conducts regular drone training and piloted aviation theory courses Australia wide. They specialise in training those with little or no exposure to aviation and have many years and thousands of hours of real-world experience to share.

Aviassist coupled with DIWA are passionate about promoting safe aviation activities and increasing business efficiency through the use of the latest technology. Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approved and independently audited, Aviassist and Drone Inspections WA is your first choice for professional drone training in Western Australia.

Contact DIWA for our unbeatable unique UAV packages which include Sales, training, software, finance and professional services!

RPAS Training

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