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UAV Jobs For W.A.

If you have the passion and talent to keep up, it's time to test the limits of what you can become. Continue to build your future with Drone Inspections W.A. DIWA is seeking Expressions of Interest for upcoming work. These opportunities will include deployments to various sites in Western Australia and possibly other regions around the country. Key Responsibilities may include, depending on candidates’ qualifications and experience Seeking Drone Pilots with the following Attributes and Capabilities:

• Operate DIWA aircraft safely and effectively in accordance with all regulatory requirements and DIWA policies and procedures

• Plan and execute missions • Facilitate hazard identification and safety risk analysis

• Coordinate flight schedules, logistics, and maintenance

• Perform field maintenance and preventive maintenance on aircraft

• CASA Remote Pilot Certificate • Proficient in English language

• 25 hours of logged RPAS flight, prefer commercial RPAS operations

• Prefer experience with photogrammetry, and/or close-up inspections

• Prefer experience operating in remote locations

To progress with this expression of Interest, please email to:

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