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🛰️ DIWA: Driving Data Excellence 🚀

Fantastic to see the progress and collaboration in action! The installation of the Brumby LiDAR system onto the AS350 Squirrel helicopter marks a significant advancement in our joint efforts to gather crucial data across Western Australia with our partners.

Brumby LiDAR Install
AS350 Squirrel helicopter

At DIWA, we're proud to be part of this ambitious project aiming to capture comprehensive infrastructure data from Perth to the Pilbara region. The utilization of cutting-edge technology like LiDAR ensures that we can collect accurate and detailed information essential for our projects' success.

We're excited about the possibilities this collaboration presents and look forward to leveraging the instant data insights generated along the way. This data will undoubtedly contribute to our ongoing efforts to drive innovation and sustainable development in Western Australia.

Kudos to the entire team involved in making this initiative a reality! Let's continue pushing the boundaries of data collection and analysis for a brighter future.


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